Our Services

To arrange your pet's visit to Destination Pet Lewisville, please download and complete the following paperwork: Terms & Conditions, Cat Profile, Dog Profile



All dogs and cats must be:

  • Older than four (4) months of age

  • Have up-to-date vaccination paperwork

  • Be spayed or neutered (if of appropriate age)

  • Pass a temperament test

  • Be tick and flea free, or on appropriate medication

Dogs must have RabiesBordetella, and DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) vaccines. 

Cats must have Rabies and FVRCP. 




All boarding is climate controlled and indoor, ensuring constant comfort regardless of the weather outside. With our kitchen, all dietary needs can be met! 

Dogs enjoy 5' x 5' suites (with a special 6' x 6' option for larger breeds or those who want more space) with special Kuranda bedding. All dogs in boarding will go into the play yard three or more times a day. 

Cats will enjoy three-story condos and extra attention from our staff for lots of cuddles. 


Our canine customers can take advantage of all of our grooming treatments, all administered by licensed professionals. From bathing and specialty cuts to hot oil treatments and blueberry facials, your furry friend can have a pampering spa day as often as you'd like. 

With our Groom & Play, you can bring your dog to be groomed and get a play session add-on for only $10! Restrictions apply based on breed and length of grooming appointment. 




Our crateless daycare is a fantastic way to ensure your dog is getting necessary socialization and activity when you're away from home. 

Our spacious playrooms are available to all boarders. The extra activity helps them adjust to the new environment. 

All dogs are separated by temperaments and size to ensure cohesive, positive play groups. All groups are monitored by our trained staff for safety. 


Dogs thrive when they have proper structure and authority, but many pet parents struggle to know how to "speak" to their pup. Our training program teachers pets and pet parents alike how to communicate for an effective, well-behaved relationship. 

Our trainers are carefully screened and are qualified to deal with different canine temperaments and personality types. They are patient and loving to get the best reaction from your dog.